Make Your Workout More Effective

Submitted by admin on Tue, 06/28/2016 - 20:06

If you feel like your fitness workout isn’t being effective and you constantly feel like looking for exercise tips that will make your workout better, chances are that you’re doing something wrong.

You can give your 100%, lift all the right weights and get in all the right positions, but what you need to understand is that fitness or weight loss isn't achieved in the same period by everyone.

Every body type responds differently to a workout regime and if yours isn't responding well, you can try either tweaking it or changing it entirely. Here's how you can make your workout more effective.

Record Your Results

Many people start working out and expect to see visible progress in just a few weeks. The first few weeks are the most challenging and it may be so that your body is transforming but you can't see it with your naked eye.

To accurately see whether any change is occurring, take measurements of yourself before you get into a workout regime. As you continue the exercise, take measurements on a fortnightly or weekly basis, whichever suits you. You can take these measurements by actually measuring your body. You can weigh yourself if you're aiming for weight loss or if you're working on a particular muscle group, you can measure that.

Another way to see a noticeable difference is by taking pictures and comparing them. This is probably the easier method even though it's less precise.

Change Your Workout Routine

If recording your results shows that your body hasn't transformed much, it probably means that the workout isn't suited for your body type. This is common, and it can take some time before people find a routine that suits them.

You should always seek professional guidance when it comes to switching between workouts instead of just following the exercise tips you hear in the gym as following bad tips can lead to serious injuries. If you feel like a piece of advice is too good to be ignored, you can simply consult a professional gym trainer about it.

After you change your workout routine, start recording your results again because that's the most efficient way to notice positive effects of a routine. Don't feel bad if you constantly have to switch between workouts before you find your match as it's better than giving up or going through the same routine without any effect.

Commit to Your Workout

If you feel like a workout isn't for you or you don't feel fully committed to it, you should simply quit it and try something new. Fitness has a lot to do with commitment and if you're not fully up to it or you're not enjoying your workout, it's pretty much useless.

Ever wonder how some actors are able to go through rapid body transformations in such a small period? It's because they are committed to it and their livelihood depends on it. Of course, they also have professional guidance, but the significance of committing to your workout can't be stressed enough.